​Political Godfatherism, And It’s Threat To Our Socio-political Development



The culture of political godfatherism which pervades political landscape throughout the nation is the bane of Nigeria’s nascent democracy. This epidemic has literally aided  the dwindling of many states across the country.
One of the sorrowful consequences of this habit which is borne out of an incurable penchant for an all-time relevance in the affairs of a particular domain is that it denies people the right to elect candidates of their collective choice.

Secondly, those so anointed can never have the political will to subscribe to the whims and caprices of the masses in flagrant violation of the selfish interests of their political godfathers. So they must perpetually remain subservient to their bosses through the privilege of public offices at the detriment of their electorates’.

Thirdly, the economic and infrastructural dividends of a democratic rule are decimated by the political greed of a gluttonous few.

Fourthly, this culture of imposing candidates by their godfathers obstructs credible electoral process which eventually produces puppets who add no value to the nation’s socio-economic productivity.

The role of political godfathers before and after elections does not promote the development of our political process but often brings us democratic disgrace. This menace of political godfatherism is one key internal factor that hampers the advancement of democratisation process in Nigeria particularly at local levels. Suffix to say that they are a threat to political stability and democratic process and an albatross to our political process. Thus godfatherism in its entirety must be eliminated from our polity.

This is a sufficient warning to those deluded by the mirage that they will forever continue to install their puppets in the corridors of power with no regard to people’s rights to choose who steers their affairs or to some aspirants who do not have the financial capacity to shoulder their electoral process but depends on some moneybags for financial assistance.


Distinguished Senator Andy Uba remains one of the few candidates committed to their personal ideals and ideologies. He is more than able to shoulder the responsibilities of the office he seeks to occupy and has all it takes to deliver. 

Ndi Anambra Says No to Godfatherism.

CREDIT: Written by Comrade Arinze Clems…

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