​The Coming of A Man with Clean Slate by Anona Ugochukwu



As APC is gradually gaining acceptance and prominence in Anambra state; there is every reason for our dear party not to commit the atrocity of fielding a scandalous candidate in the coming election. An obvious retrospect of the past election depicted that aspirant after they must have emerged as the party’s flag bearer spent time going from one court to another to clear allegations leveled against them: thereby wasting time and resources on frivolous litigation instead of campaigning. APC should not allow unfavorably history to repeat itself; hence, we must support a man with a clean slate.
The recent Supreme Court judgment on Taraba North Senatorial tussle could only point to the fact that the judiciary is out to sanitize our polity. In delivery the judgment on Taraba senatorial dispute, the judges warned political parties that harsh verdicts await unqualified candidates. Our dear party must not fall into this quagmire; we must endeavor to avoid putting the fate of APC into perilous situations that would allow external bodies like the judiciary to adjudicate on issues concerning the party. APC should smartly play its game: hence, there must be resistance to any form of pre-election litigation from any quarters. APC should not give room for external litigations and must not allow our polity to be scandalized.

Therefore, APC must support a man with clean slate to fly the party ticket in the Anambra gubernatorial election. APC must shun sentiments, material compensation, money politics; serial contenders etc and give its ticket to a fresh blood, a new contender who can interact with Ndi Anambra on basis of his newness. History has been fair to new contenders in Anambra gubernatorial elections: hence, 1999, aspirants on their first gubernatorial outing often win the election. For Instance, Ex Govs Mbadinuju (1999); Ngige (2003) Peter Obi (2006); Gov Obiano (2013), these men won the gubernatorial election on their first outing as fresh contenders. APC should follow the history/ traditional route towards gubernatorial victories in Anambra state by supporting a First and Fresh contender to clinch the party ticket.

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As hard as this decision is; we are better prepared to take the hard decision. We should clear the coast for new faces in the game; support someone without atom or antecedent of political scandals, a pure political soul and a humane servant of the people. We need a charismatic, energetic, enviable, fearless leader and above all a seasoned technocrat as our party flag bearer to oust Obiano from Agu-Awka. We need a candidate who will be accepted to all manner of people like the learned (lecturers, Lawyers, teacher, civil servants etc); Businessmen (captains of industries, CEOs etc); Traders (market women, Okada riders etc) Youths and majority of Ndi Anambra.

The sagacity, energetic and youthfulness of Engr Bart Nwibe is criteria that fit the top job Anambra state government. He is the only aspirant in APC today that fits the above mentioned description. He is a seasoned technocrat: a wealth creator, a core loyal party man with no burdensome political encumbrances, a new face, a fresh blood and a first contender to the office of Anambra state government house. Engr Bart Nwibe will lead APC to victory in the forth coming election in Anambra state if given the party ticket.

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