This 23-Year-Old Nigerian Casually Built A Solar-Powered Car



While the rest of us only see Nigeria’s oversabi sun as the reason we can’t take three steps outside in the middle of the day without getting drenched in our sweat, other Nigerians that clearly have two heads see the sun as a source of power.

First it was Ekomobong Finbarr that built a solar-powered keke napep for his final year project, now 23-year-old Mukhtar Adamu Fa-saha has built a solar-powered car.

Adamu’s car can carry up to four people and emits no carbon into the atmosphere – making it safer for the environment than most cars we drive.


The 23-year-old is just getting started though; on a test drive alone, his solar-powered car impressively covered over a kilometre.

With the world looking for safer alternative to fossil-fueled cars, it’s great to know that people like Adamu at least keep Nigeria in the conversation. We can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

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