8 Things President Buhari could do to appease South-East region



On Thursday, December 22, President Muhammadu Buhari was scheduled to attend a South-East Economic and Security Summit in Enugu state.

The summit, the organizers led by former minister of power Barth Nnaji was expected to address issues of insecurity and rising discord between the federal government and the people of the region.

However, following confirmation of President Buhari attendance, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) issued a warning; they also advised the president not to set foot in South-East.

Subsequently, the president who was billed to attend the summit with former president Olusegun Obasanjo failed to go to the region.

But, Obasanjo, in a bid to appease the people of the region during his speech advised the aggrieved South easterners to focus on developing the region without depending on the federal government.

He also called for unity among the people to drive Nigeria into an enviable nation.

Below are seven things President Buhari could do to appease the South-East region:

1. Release leader of the IPOB Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafran agitators

Nnamdi was arrested by the Department of State Service on October 14, 2015. He has since been in detention over allegation of treasonable felony, mismanagement of an unlawful society and concealing of goods in a container.

Several calls have been made by notable Nigerians including the deputy senate president Ike Ekweremadu for release and the release of other arrested IPOB members.

2. Political restructuring of Nigeria

Aside the recent rise in the agitation for Biafra, many leaders in Nigeria have called for the restructuring of Nigeria.

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These leaders said a new Nigeria will eliminate marginalization, unfair policies and make Nigeria stronger, more productive and competitive.

3. Completion of the second Niger Bridge and repair of eastern roads

Like some people would say, there is no road in the South-East that is fun to travel on.

Major roads in the region are in terrible conditions and have become death traps for the people.

A lot more have been ravaged by erosions. If attention is paid to these roads and the third Niger Bridge, maybe, there will be one less item to agitate for by the people in the region.

4. Increase South-East federal appointments

Since the assumption of duty and nomination of key appointments by President Buhari, many Nigerians have said the president is lopsided in his appointment.

Others have accused the president of appointing his kinsmen into key positions.

If these could change, again, maybe, there would be less to agitate for.

6. Buhari could root for an Igbo presidency after his tenure

If President Buhari could rally behind an Igbo president after his tenure, it could help create the impression that he is not biased about the people from the South-East as perceived by many.

7. Revamp Onitsha and Aba dry port

Since its approval, work is yet to commence in the proposed Onitsha dry port.

Also, there is need to develop a port in Aba. After all, sites have been mapped out for both projects.

Many Nigerians, especially businessmen from the region believe that these projects, if completed could reduce the pressure and trouble businessmen go through during shipping.

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8. Upgrade Aba and Nnewi as international markets

Some people would say after all, the popular Ariaria is an international market, but others believe more could be done.

A few Nigerians who spoke to said if Aba, Nnewi and Onitsha could all be upgraded to international standard, the South easterners would have less to worry about.

“Since they have been campaigning for made in Nigeria goods, the federal government should also do more to create markets and enabling environment for the goods produced in these cities,” Ifeanyi Okoye said, a resident of Umuahi said.

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