Abuja Comedians stop sleeping and start doing things the “Amb Wahala” way



Abuja Comedians are quiet known in the F.C.T but what happens when you step out of Abuja? Nobody has heard about them elsewhere.

My name is Dominic Barcity, I penned this article down with experience from my Visit in Port Harcourt, Lagos and other states.

It’s funny to see an Abuja Comedian who claims to be very popular with Fake Instagram Followers, Fake Lifestyle, Posing with Mic on events he was invited to as guest and later claim to be the MC or invited Comedian just to fool fellow Comedians or Few Abuja Fans.

Ambassador Wahala is an Abuja Based Comedian who is well known for Mimicking Patience Jonathan.

Ambassador Wahala has actually showed Abuja Comedians that you can also be a king outside Abuja, i was shocked by hearing Amb Wahala Performance being played in the popular Lagos BRT TV, seeing him on Lagos Billboards also proved that he is building a mega brand for himself outside Abuja.

We urge other Abuja Comedians to set up with their creativity game and also look for a way to create a niche for themselves outside the Capital City.

Ambassador Wahala has done it so you can also do it!!!

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