Another MMM suicide takes place In Nigeria



Gloria Samson, a Benue-based woman, has taken her life, leaving behind her husband and two children.

According to reports, the reason given for her tragic action is her investment in the crashed Mavrodi Mondial Money box (MMM).

She was said to have invested a N400,000 loan she procured into the ponzi scheme.

The deceased began the journey to her final resting place at a public cemetery located in Ankpa ward, Makurdi, the state capital, last Friday.

As her corpse, wrapped in a casket, arrived in the cemetery, a crowd of mourners wore gloomy faces, women wept profusely and men with teary eyes shook their heads intermittently.

Husband of the deceased, David Samson, said he was aware that his wife took a loan of N400,000 from four different places which she did not invest in her petty business.

He said, ‘‘My wife was into petty trading and she had been collecting soft loans from a micro finance bank to boost her business. Anytime she collected the money, she paid back and in most cases, I was her guarantor.

“You know women sometimes keep secrets; towards November and December 2016, I discovered she took a loan from four places amounting to N400,000. I do not know what she used the money for because there was nothing in the shop to suggest that she invested the money in her business.”

He stated that the situation lasted till the Christmas period and when he asked her what the problem was, she told him that she was sick and he told her to see a doctor.

“She obliged and was diagnosed of typhoid and malaria and placed on medication. Even on Christmas Day, she could not go to church. A day after Christmas, she complained of pile and I had to buy traditional medicine which she declined to take.

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“On December 28, 2016 around 11pm, I was at my place of work when my son, Wisdom called me using his mother’s phone number telling me that his mother had left the house since and had yet to return. I told him I was close by and on getting home, I did not see her. I discovered that she left the house with a gown and bathroom slippers.

“I tried to look for her and could not find her. I picked my phone and contacted my siblings and brother-in-law. The following morning, I went to B Police Division to complain but I was told to wait after 24 hours, which I did. On the second day, I was asked to make a statement and leave behind my phone number.’’

The distraught husband further said he did not hear from the police for two weeks and he had to keep searching and informing people in case anyone of them saw his wife.

“Some members of my church including my pastor were aware and kept on interceding for us. This continued until last Tuesday when a woman came to my house and told one of my neighbours that a police woman told her that they discovered the body of a woman floating on River Benue around Wadata area since January 2.

“Immediately I heard this, I was perplexed because something in me told me it might be my wife. I told my neighbour to join me to go to A Division at Wadata. When we got there, the police showed me the picture of the dead woman and I discovered that she was my wife.’’

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Samson said he was still confused as to what could make his wife to kill herself. He stated.

“My wife loved herself and she could not even allow a razor to touch her body not to talk of going to this length. That is why I said it is more of spiritual attack, but only God knows.

“At the same time, when you look at the whole scenario, there is a conclusion that the money she collected was not invested in her business.’’

Some of those who spoke to newsmen said the deceased was a very lively person until early December 2016, when news of the crash in MMM went viral.

A foodstuff dealer identified as ‘Madam’ Kate, narrated her encounter with the deceased.

“This woman came to my stall early December, she was so moody, unlike her usual way of life,” she said.

“I asked what the problem was, and she told me that she had run into deep problem. She said she had collected a sum of money and put it into ‘that business that brings in quick money’ but learnt that the thing had collapsed.

“She even threatened to run away, but I encouraged her to pray as God would intervene and she left. I did not hear from her until last Tuesday when the news came that she drowned in River Benue and her body was recovered here around Wadata.”

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