APC chieftain blames Buhari’s death rumour on 2019 Election



A prominent chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Kaduna State, Yusuf Ali, has declared that those wishing death for President, Muhammadu Buhari are powerful persons eyeing his seat in 2019.

He said it amounted to callousness and wickedness for anybody to wish a sitting president death simply because they wanted to ascend to power.

In a statement issued in Abuja Monday, Ali noted that Buhari had worked to ensure that the country was returned to the path of sanity, peace, economic recovery and sustainable development.

It reads: “Presidents the world over are not robots or extra-humans but ordinary and normal human beings, and no president is immune to falling ill.

“They fall ill; have attack or any assorted aches or pains. Our duty as citizens is to wish them well or quick recovery as the case may be”.

Ali said President Buhari had fulfilled constitutional requirement as expected of him by writing to the National Assembly to inform them that he was proceeding on vacation and that within that period, he would undergo medical check-up.

“But within 12 hours when he left for the United Kingdom, some politically-minded Nigerians took to the social media to spread a dangerous rumour that the president has passed on. Such is callous and wicked.

“Anybody who wishes Buhari out of power should wait for 2019 to test his or her popularity instead of sitting within the comfort of their homes and issue obituary on someone who is hale and hearty but only on vacation and also to check his health.

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“There is no doubt that governing Nigeria at this particularly time is quite a herculean task especially after the 16 years of the locust occasioned by the PDP misrule.

“The president, despite his old age, has worked assiduously to ensure that the country is retrieved from the brinks and returned to the path of sanity, peace, economic recovery and sustainable development. Indeed Buhari is laying the foundation for a new Nigeria.

“It is evident that corruption is fighting back on all fronts but a courageous and ever focused leader like Buhari cannot be deterred by evil whispers as he is more committed to leap-frog Nigeria to a high pedestal and deliver her from the bondage of self-infatuated cabal who are determined to ruin the effort of this administration.

“I therefore urge the entire country to remain patient and law abiding and continue to pray for our dear president instead of wishing him dead which may metamorphosed into another crisis entirely”, he stated.

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