Hon Tony Nwoye’s Evil Agenda For Anambra Youths



This is a opinion post culled from Anambra News, Thinking widely I agree with the article to a level because we’ve supported our Comrade for a long time and we Still can’t understand our benefit of supporting because at the end of the day, we end up getting used for protest and all but our interest are not considered by Comrade Tony Nwoye.

*Wonders can never really end with our Comrade aspirant, Tony Nwoye. For how long does he think he can manipulate the intelligence of the youths of Anambra State. For years, we have been fighting Tony’s battle, believing that, in the spirit of comradeship, we would be partners with him, when the battle was won. But no, Tony Nwoye always had a different agenda. When it is time to use us we equal animals. After using us to secure victory, he becomes more equal than us. No, our mumu don do. We can’t be foolish for ever. What is the share of Anambra youths in the over 25 billion Naira he has collected from Arthur Eze? Anambra youths, our mumu don do. Monkey no go dey work, baboon go dey shop alone. We are only good for TONY Nwoye to hire as thugs, to go and die for him while he is busy building houses and buying properties. Anambra youths, our mumu don do. As Chairman of PDP and as member, House of Reps, what was Tony Nwoye’s agenda for us? What did he do for us? Now, he has come again to hire us as wastable thugs, to fight his dirty battles. He has failed and he will continue to fail because, our mumu don do. Tony Nwoye should leave Anambra youths alone to pursue a better destiny with more caring people.

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