Miss Carmelita walks out of stage as contestants fight over crown in Miss Diplomacy Nigeria Beauty Pageant



It was indeed a night of Beauty and controversy in Miss Diplomacy Nigeria Beauty Pageant which was held yesterday in Abuja, Nigeria.

The whole controversy started when the organizers moved the venue of the event from Sheraton hotel to Newton Park Hotel due to lack of fund to pay up for the hall in Sheraton and this happened 4hours to the event.

According to the information we got, the organizers collected money from contestants and promised crown in return and that caused a lot of chaos during and after the event.

The controversy got serious when a contestant that didn’t make it up to the top 10 ran out from back stage to pack the crowns and that led to crowning of the queens with just sash.


Miss Carmelita who is one of the contestants was said to be a victim and she dropped her sash & walked out of the stage after being crowned miss diplomacy 2nd runner up.

The event didn’t end proper as contestants and audience exchange blows & fight over crown which made the Organizer Mr Bright shade tears.

The Crowned Major Queen who represented Gombe State was said to be a girlfriend to Gov Dankwanbo and the car was said to be purchased by funds they got from Gombe State Governor.



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  1. Carmelita

    December 19, 2016 at 6:33 am

    Point of correction, I didn’t drop the sash cos I Neva collected it in the first place. Secondly, I am not a victim as I did not pay a dime to win neida did I sleep my way through or even befriend any politician to get d 3rd position. I walked out because it was all a mess and worst still highly shamefully. Please, I maintain DAT dere was no crowning rada, it was only announcement of winners which was initially 5 n later turned 6 in d hall. I av screenshot of d ceo’s messages to me after the pageant for clarity purpose. I will provide it wen needed. I av witnesses to what happened in camp n how many times I was called out late night to come negotiate for the crown of my choice by the CEO, bright owualah n his cousin, Roland owualah,CEO face of culture in Nigeria. I also av witnesses to d emergency meeting btw me,the CEO n a room mate of mine where he practically knelt down begging me to come to his rescue to complete d payment of the hall at about 1:32pm on the sed day of the pageant. I rest my case until I hand over dese criminals to the law.

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