Police Arrest Uber Driver for robbing a foreigner in Nigeria



The Uber taxi driver who robbed South African visitor to Nigeria, Mongy Mathobela, has reportedly been arrested.

The culprit was reportedly caught after his neighbour contacted popular blog site, Instablog.

“The person that stole the dollar and passport is my neighbour… he lives in Ogba,” the user had told the blog administrator via direct message.

Mongy Mathobela had taken to Twitter on Tuesday, alleging that he was defrauded of over N1m by an Uber cab driver in Lagos.

The South African citizen had tweeted the conversations that transpired between her and the Uber driver.

She said, “I’m a visitor in Nigeria. I went to the bank to withdraw money in Lekki, so he saw the money that I had in my bag.

“He left me stranded on the road luckily, I had my phone on me because I wanted to buy something on the side of the road.

“I even bought him food and paid him more than what he was supposed to be paid and inside my bag it was my passport and money 500k naira and $2000.

“Please help me share this so that I can get my passport and go back to my country my flight is on Thursday I do not have a passport. Please help.”

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