Rich clothing isn’t for those who want to go unnoticed – Naomi Arinze



As the Fashion industry Grows, so is its production and behind-the-scenes, which include costuming and make-ups.

Naomi Arinze is a Nigeria fashion designer and the founder of MAIA BY NAOMI, Naomi Arinze personality a Rich clothing isn’t for those who want to go unnoticed. (Seriously, good luck blending in with the looks below.) by supporting their immense creativity, their handwork as well as their ideas, this line seeks to prevent the Extinction textile tradition.

Below is her Interview with Newslandng.com as she explain her into the Fashion world 

TNHow did you get into fashion design?
Fashion design has been something dear to my heart since I was young. my mum used to be a Seamstress but makes cloth only for my sisters and I, i always ask her, why she doesnt make cloth for  people? She always say to me that it  was stressful . that she cant quiet her job To sew cloths for people. as time goes on I lost interest because I was chasing other dreams and passion. My love for desinging came back after my last job with a fashion company as a model manager  and personal Assistant to the CEO, I found out my love for designing came back and became stronger, Like never before.

TNYou design and sell clothes to some individuals . Who are they and how did you meet them?

Yes I design, I cut, I sew and sell to my clients.. and I also make ready to wear.. They are my client I met them through  social media, one on one and also recommendation.

TNHow often do Your Client patronize your clothes?
Hmm I can’t say anything actual because I no for 1 thing there is no day you come to my fashion house and you don’t meet jobs on ground  .. so I will say the Lord has been faithful

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TNDo you import the material and make them here or you get them all here in Nigeria?

It’s depends on the style if it’s a design I can’t get here in Nigeria, I import. But most of the time I get my materials here in Nigeria.

TNHow do you intend to drive more patronage even beyond Nigeria Market?

I intend to drive more patronage by continuous improvement, hard work, creativity and desire to be better always .. so I believe with all this my jobs will speak for itself once people sees it out there.

TN: Do you do male clothing only or you do both female?

I make both..

TNHow do you combine your work, marriage and fashion?

Before it was just me, but as time goes on the business was expanding so I decided to employ more hands, to help out so we don’t disappoint our client. So it’s a bit  flexible for me to still do my other passion … But am not married yet..

TNWhat was your motivation?

My motivation has always been me .. the urge to always be the best of me .. do what I love and make the best out of it.

TNWere you in any kind of fashion school, or training before now?

Like I said it all started with my mum then the fashion company I worked for later on i went to a Tailoring shop close to my house to learn better…

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