Why Andy Uba Deserves APC Ticket



A good governance is not a government that derails his subject with unrealizable promises, but an articulated, result oriented and policy laden one who finds out the problems and fundamental needs of the subject and ready to solve them. Promises are made during electioneering campaigns but due to the gullible selfishness of some citizens, desperate politicians capitalize on this prone and detrimentally tarnish good reputations of others.

Like Michael Ford once said ‘knowledge of history brings a feeling that we are part of fellowship that run through the ages, long before our birth and long after our death’’, the numerous and unfulfilled promises of our previous leaders and current in Anambra State have made the citizens to fear every readying every poster that is not obituary or religious. The immediate reason of this unadulterated attitude of some citizens is nothing but attitude of our past and present governors of Anambra State on fulfilment of election promises.

Consequently, concerned and religious citizens subscribe to prayers for divine intervention on this derogatory attitude and for God to raise a leader like Joshua for the state. Prayers can protect a man from being harm but will definitely not protect him from being hungry.  Like the bible says ‘’ when the unusual begins to happen then a sign for the second coming’’.  It is no longer news that the atmosphere is now set for the second coming of those deceivers who plunge the state into the ocean of untrusted agony and upheaval in the name of politics.

However, an outside asked ‘’what does Anambrians want and from whom do they expect it from? This big question cannot be answered in a rush and empty stomach and brain. As a citizen of a state qualitative leadership, inclusive government, infrastructural and environmental development with strong viable economy cannot be ruled out as what Ndi Anambra desires from their government.

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Looking at from whom these governmental expectations would come from Is as easy as asking the question if antecedents and performance appraisal   is consider with all the contestants in the race. Like an idiom ‘ A bird at hand is far better than thousands in the bush’.

Sen. Dr. Andy Uba who is a current senator serving in the senate has distinguished himself from other contestants with his notable developmental projects and service for humanity with his limited position as a law maker and a representative of just Anambra south so to say. His philanthropic gestures and nation building capacity proves him insurmountable and a direct answer to the problems of Anambra state.  He is in top chart of bill sponsored in the 8th senate with 14th bills including the recent bill for establishment of another federal university in Anambra. He has more than 200 infrastructural development projects in Anambra south with renovations, construction of schools, bore holes and street lights top the chart of projects he executed. If he could do all these just as a senator representing six (6) local governments, think of when he is given the whole state to govern.

Andy Uba is a man who would look at the Federal government and ferociously bring the national cake meritly deserves by Anambra State. Every state makes use of what they have to achieve what they desire, so Anambra state should embrace Sen. Dr. Andy Uba,  use his federal might and experiences for a better Anambra State.

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  1. Hon. Comrade Arinze

    August 19, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Tony Nwoye is the best for Anambra state

    A young,vibrant and promising leader

    I wish to kindly inform the general public that all accusations level against the humble man
    are false

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