You’re a Bloody Liar – Blogger tells Rachel Bakam



Abuja Blogger, Bricks Writes has called out the Girlfriend of Famous International Footballer, John Fashanu over social media denial. 

Ambassador Fash was recently jailed for a land scandal while the supposed self acclaimed Red Carpet Diva took to her IG to share some vital information about her relationship with John Fashanu. 

Kindly read the Bloggers Statement Below! 

I DO NOT KNOW JUST WHEN WE LOST OUR sense of reality or our interest in it, how on earth would @rachelbakam go on social media telling the world that “We are great friends and fight for some causes together‎” what’s the difference between what you do with Uncle Fash and what his former wife (Abigail Igew) does?

Why are girls the same all over the world?  Just because Uncle Fash is in a mess right now, you denying him and calling him great friend? OMG

If you live in Abuja and its environs, you would agree with me that even though Uncle Fash has not taken  Rachel Bakam to the alter or the Registry, they both live like couple, if you don’t agree with me and you are abreast with their great friendship, tell me within the space of 2years they met each other according to her, which event have you seen Uncle Fash without Rachel by his side?

If you don’t know, ask Uncle Fash’s former wife, Abigail Igwe, she will tell you they started as business partners, i don’t see reason why you have to come out now to the world that he is your business partner after he is been reported on all media to be in a scandal, did you not eat part of that money?

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Get me wrong if you all wish but i would rather you stay quiet and watch Uncle Fash go through the agony as reported on powerful and reliable media (metrouk, aljazirahnews) and many more with the CAPTION: “JOHN FASHANU JAIL IN NIGERIAN HELL-HOLE PRISON OVER LAND SCAM”

How early have you forgotten telling the media in 2016 that you enjoy dating older men because you gain more experience! Same you who said since you started dating Uncle Fash, you enjoy more publicity and being recognize at events and red-carpet. Why telling us now that you Business Partners, chasing same causes and great friends?

Every Man wants to make a living, Uncle Fash didn’t do any bad becoming a property agent so i see no reason you should start denying him, keep enjoying older Men as well as the celebrity status Uncle Fash has brought for your personality but if you feel you done, take a walk quietly and watch yourself being snubbed on red-carpets and events because you and i know that your TV programme can not give you the fame his name has given you.

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